Thanks For the Vote, Bob!

husky.gifThe Seattle Times' Bob Condotta, the pre-eminent chronicler of the Husky men's basketball team, is also the local AP voter for the national rankings. Up til now, he's refrained from including Romar's boys in his Top 25, despite their obvious awesomeness. But this week, after the team's sweep of the So-Cal schools, Condotta gave in, rating them 21st.

Enough other voters did the same that UW is now ranked 23rd in the AP poll. Sadly, the coaches didn't see fit to follow suit, leaving the Huskies out of the Top 25 while including teams like 12-6 Notre Dame, which pales next to the Huskies in all of the computer rankings (see here and here). We always thought the East Coast-bias was more likely to show up in the writers' poll.

It's the Dawgs first visit to the Top 25 in over two years, and a welcome development after the last several years of major-sports Husky mishaps. And if Joe Lunardi's "Bracketology" holds, the Huskies will be making their first visit to the NCAA tourney in three years, as an 8 seed with a rematch against Florida. 'Bout time.

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