Sims Office Says No HUD Job, But Does That Mean He's Staying?


Credit where credit is due, and Josh Feit at Horse's Ass is the first person I saw report the rumor that County Executive Ron Sims might have an offer as an undersecretary at Housing and Urban Development. Reps for Sims are vehemently denying it.

A source at the county says the clamp's come down and no one is talking to anyone, but there's word of a job offer that may or may not be at HUD. So that clears that right up, no?

Okay it doesn't, but after Aimee Curl's report that maybe Sims' head isn't really in local politics these days and a visit to county staffers by feds to vet Sims for a potential spot in the administration, a job offer wouldn't exactly be unexpected.

Of course, just having an offer on the table doesn't mean Sims will take it. We're closely monitoring his Twitter page.

If Sims goes it doesn't just let political opponent Larry Phillips walk into the Executive's seat. Bob Ferguson has long been rumored to be mulling a run and without having to take on both men, he might be more likely to get into the game. Or perhaps newly-voted-in council chair Dow Constantine will go after the top spot, giving West Seattle a potential lock on local government executives--in which case I have a few requests for the Water Taxi, starting with a bar.

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