Schools Open Their Doors for Inauguration


School projector screens tuned in to KCTS coverage

I was lucky enough to score one of the best seats in the city to watch the inauguration-- at my daughters' elementary school. Like many schools throughout town, both public and private, my daughters' opened their doors early this morning and invited parents in to watch with their children. Many habitual latecomers, like our family unfortunately, were atypically early, arriving shortly after 8:30. The school was hushed as the projector screens normally used for lessons were turned over to the inauguration. The starting bells rang while Aretha, contrary to our own Mike Seely's opinion, proved what an inspiring choice she was--- but somehow that only added to the moment. Superintendent Maria Goodloe-Johnson, who flew to D.C. for the event on her own dime, was due to call some classrooms around town to share her impressions. We were fine without them. The kids may not have appreciated Obama's speech quite as much as the adults ("how long is it?" one of my daughters asked), but they nonetheless all seemed to know they were watching history.

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