Oregon Reveals The Dilemmas of Dying


In the more than a decade since the Death with Dignity law was enacted in Oregon, several researchers have studied its effect intensively by interviewing people who want to kill themselves as well as their doctors and families. Oregon doctors Linda Ganzini and Susan Tolle have led the way in this research. No dry academic papers, but filled with quotes from those involved, their work makes for fascinating reading. One of the most surprising aspects of their work is the revelation that pain is not what's leading the majority of people to want to kill themselves. Here is an array of the work that has been done.

Dilemmas Encountered by Hospice Workers When Patients Wish to Hasten Death

Why Oregon Patients Request Assisted Death

Oregon Physicians' Perceptions of Patients who Request Assisted Suicide and Their Families

Physicians' Experiences with the Oregon Death with Dignity Act

Oregon Physicians' Attitudes About and Experiences With End-of-Life Care Since Passage of the Oregon Death with Dignity Act

Prevalance of Depression and Anxiety in Patients Requesting Physicians' Aid in Dying

Responding to Requests for Physician-Assisted Suicide

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