Objectively Speaking, The Huskies Are the Most Fun Team in the Country


In poking fun at Chase Budinger yesterday, I made the unfortunate mistake of referring to the Arizona Wildcats as "formerly formidable." I was also chastised by my colleague Laura Onstot for potentially jinxing Seattle sports by saying that the worst is behind us.

One day later, it appears I'm having crow for breakfast, as the Huskies got beat in a run-and-gun shootout, 106-97. But even though the team now laments its lack of defense, and even though I'm a die-hard Dawg fan who hates to see them lose, I have to admit that last night's frantically-paced game was fun.

The crazy thing is that the high fun factor was predicted by college hoop stat guru Ken Pomeroy. Thanks to Seth Kolloen for pointing out that Pomeroy has a new stat, CPHE

(Chance of a Pleasurable Hoop Experience) that predicts what will be

the most entertaining game each night. Yesterday, his model picked

UW/Arizona. Last Saturday, it picked UW/UCLA. Computers don't have an

East Coast bias. They just know good ball when they see it.

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