NYT Discovers Enchanted Island


Yes, right here on Puget Sound, there is a magical isle, a veritable Brigadoon ringed by gentle waters, an enclave of all that is good, organic, and proper. A place we call Bainbridge Island, which The New York Times here celebrates in its travel section ("Havens," part of Great Homes and Destinations).

We learn that Bainbridge is a place of "Boutiques, galleries and restaurants," one inhabited by many second-home owners who enjoy its "charming amenities." But it's not just a gilded enclave for the rich, oh no. "Sheep graze behind a house, and a sign points the way to a stand that sells fresh eggs," the story tells us. It's a place where Martha Stewart could feel welcome, or New York Times editors on vacation or looking for retirement homes. (And yet no mention of resident writer David Guterson and other boldface names; they like their privacy on B.I.)

Oh, but what's this? A cautionary note? The paper reports, "There is only one road from the mainland: the Agate Pass Bridge in Kitsap County, which enters the island from the northwest. There is no 24-hour ferry service to and from Seattle. The last ferry leaves Seattle at 1:35 a.m. on weekdays and at 2:10 a.m. on weekends."

Tell that to our Chris Kornelis, who know all about Bainbridge's elite, favored status when it comes to ferries, onboard WiFi, and other commuter perks.

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