NBA Ratings Down in Seattle...and Oklahoma City

The news that not as many Seattleites are watching televised NBA games this season should come as no surprise, what with the Sonics leaving for Oklahoma City and all. But the news that NBA ratings are down in Oklahoma City -- and that NBA ratings in Seattle are still better than in Oklahoma City -- provides evidence that even an ultra-passive sporting market like Seattle is still a fuckton better than a hard-core Dust Bowl hellhole.

We can't put it any better than Claymate over at Bend It Like Bennett, who says of the situation: "Apparently ratings are worse for Oklahoma City's inaugural NBA season than they were for the 2007-08 Sonics' 82-game 'Fuck You' to the fans of Seattle. And apparently a 1.2 rating translates into a lot more homes in Seattle than it does in Oklahoma City. Somehow this information doesn't mesh with my perception of Thunder fans as the greatest sports fans in history of both sports and fans."

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