Jon Brockman's Bad Night: It Was the Jock of the Day Jinx


Last night, Husky hoop star Jon Brockman played horribly, going 0-8 from the field. While some might attribute this to the diversified scoring of the Husky offense, or to the long-limbed defense of Taj Gibson, we offer a different explanation: it was the Jock of the Day jinx.

The Sports Illustrated Cover Jinx is a well-known theory holding that those who appear on the cover of SI will experience bad luck. (There's also the EA Sports cover jinx, of which the Seahawks' Shaun Alexander was allegedly a victim.) But it appears that Mr. Brockman has fallen victim to a jinx from a lesser outlet:

On January 22, 2008, Brockman was named the site's "Jock of the Day", with this tasteful introduction, "To the Pacific Rim (no pun intended) we head for our next Jock of the

Day...Washington forward Jon Brockman."

Eight days later, the site stopped naming Jocks of the Day. Thus, every time January 22 rolls around, Brockman once again falls under the jinx. Last year's schedule spared him the misfortune of it occurring on a game day; this year he wasn't so lucky.

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