Is the Honeymoon Over Already? Abraham Obama Defaced


While Barack Obama's approval rating sits at a toasty 69%, Abraham Obama is encountering some hostility. The Ron English poster that took so long to find a home didn't take long to find haters, as a couple of prominent slashes will attest.

"It's to be expected," says Damion Hayes, director of BLVD Gallery and the man responsible for procuring and installing the poster. "It would've been great if it could have lasted more than a week, though."

Hayes notes that the iconic Shepard Fairey posters put up in New York were zealously guarded by Obama supporters, who removed the graffiti of an artist whose earlier work had been covered up by the poster. "Maybe Seattle's not as progressive as we think," he joked. (Amusingly, KIRO TV mistook Fairey's Andre the Giant posters for Obama in whiteface.)

But the poster-protection was last summer. And as recently as a month ago, Obama's approval rating was 82%. Perhaps the honeymoon is beginning to end.

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