Keep Your Pants on, Steve Sarkisian. At Least For Now.


New Husky football head coach Steve Sarkisian just can't seem to stay out of trouble. Given the talmudic nature of the NCAA's rule book, the occasional violation is understandable. But Sark followed up his smoke machine/WWE intro fiasco with a recruiting meal that was open to the media--also a no-no.

We're not so naive as to think that a team can succeed in recruiting without throwing its players a bone or two. Try as the NCAA might, you can't build a multi-billion dollar industry without a little bit of that money trickling down to the people who create it. Every modern-era stretch of Husky football success has been accompanied by NCAA rules violations.

But usually those violations are noticed later. They're the hangover after the big party. Don James won a national title before it came to light that the team was spending more than allowed on recruiting and that boosters were giving players sinecures. Rick Neuheisel won a Rose Bowl before the Seattle Times exposed his laissez faire attitude towards some of his players' predatory lawlessness.

By contrast, we heard nary a peep about violations during Ty Willingham's unwinning tenure. So we may be forgiven for seeing Sarkisian's recent missteps as signs that he's willing to do what it takes to succeed in the rotten-to-the-core business of college football. And, in his defense, he's struggling to compete in a recruiting season that began well before he was on the job.

But still, Steve. Delegate the dirty work to your underlings. And don't get caught with anything until you've won a bowl game or two. We get that you're late to the party and looking to score, but that doesn't mean you take your pants off as soon as you get there.

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