Harsh Indie Film Reality


So we're happy that the two genuinely made-in-Seattle films sold at Sundance. Those being, as we've previously reported, Humpday and The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle. But for how much did they sell in our current recession economy? The New York Times here reports that Humpday went for "about $100,000," which is about what you'd pay on eBay for a Kent condo with freeway view being sold out of subprime foreclosure.

There's six figures, and there's six figures. But for writer-director Lynn Shelton and her crew (paid mainly with IOUs, according to this Seattle Times freelance account), it sounds like the deal was five figures and the change under the couch cushions. As previously noted, distributor Magnolia will first issue the film on video-on-demand  (VOD) prior to an August release. I would hate to be the accountant calculating back-end profits for the hardworking, very deserving Shelton and company to share. At least you can live in the Kent condo, or grow vegetables on the freeway median to eat.

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