Foxy Knoxy Legal Defense Fundraiser Pulls in $40,000


Former UW student Amanda Knox has become a subject of endless worldwide fascination because, as Rick Anderson noted, she's 1) involved in a murder case, 2) that involves sex, and she is 3) pretty, and 4) white.

She's on trial in Italy for the killing of her study-abroad roommate Meredith Kerchner, which prosecutors allege occurred when she and two male friends were trying to force Kerchner into some sort of sexcapade.

The group "Friends of Amanda" just sent out a press release announcing that last week's West Seattle fundraiser for her legal defense fund in Seattle and pulled in a cool $40K.

Of course, that pales in comparison to her expected legal costs (which 48 Hours consultant and Knox supporter Paul Ciolino estimated to be as high as $1 million) and probably to the advance on Charles Mudede's inevitable screenplay on the story.

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