Boeing's Rendition Flights Grounded?

ghost.jpegBarack Obama's plans to close the Guantanamo Bay prison camp may also bring

an end to the rendition flights secretly undertaken by the government

with the help of the Boeing Co. in Seattle. The Gitmo order will reportedly include a directive to the CIA to shut down its clandestine global prisons for alleged terrorists - including some who were tortured and wrongly accused.

As SW reported in 2006, Boeing was making arrangements for as many as 1,000 rendition flights

through 14 countries by four CIA planes, led by a Boeing Business Jet built in Renton.

According to Stephen Gray, author of Ghost Plane, a wholly owned Boeing subsidiary called Jeppesen Inc.cleared the

airways and runways for the CIA, providing landing and navigation

assistance, scheduling flight crews, and booking hotels for them.

Jeppesen is a unit of Boeing's Seattle-based Commercial Aviation


The prisoner flights were launched by the Clinton administration to

transfer foreign suspects to trial in the United States. They became a

darker undertaking following 9/11, when George W. Bush approved what critics

say amounts to the kidnapping of foreign nationals. Obama's order, however, leaves a question about how exactly terror suspects will be handled in the future.

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