United Loves to Fly, They Just Don't Always Tell You About It

My cousin had a flight to Spokane from Seattle last night, the last leg of a long journey home from Quebec. With the storm there--a sight colder and snowier than ours--the Spokane airport canceled all incoming flights. When she landed here, around 9:45 p.m. she got onto another flight at the ticket counter, leaving this morning a little before 8. Since I planned to drive her back in second gear after a three mile detour just to get down the hill from my house, we planned to leave pretty early. Not wanting to make the drive if Spokane canceled morning flights, we checked the United Web site--no flight was listed. The Spokane online arrivals listed no flight. Calls to customer service got us nowhere. Not wanting to miss it, we went anyway. The flight wasn't on the reader board there either, but an hour later my cousin boarded and got home.

I'm so reliant on doing all air travel reservations through the Web, I wouldn't have thought to ask about new, unlisted flights added late. If you, family or friends got stuck after a canceled flight yeseterday, it might be worth it to check with ticket agents about unlisted options. Good luck!

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