The Signature Collecting Begins


After more than a year of trying to gain approval from the courts to begin an effort to recall Port Commissioner Pat Davis, Chris Clifford thought he could finally start collecting the necessary signatures this summer after the Washington State Supreme Court ruled in his favor, 9-0.

Not so.

Davis filed a motion for reconsideration, stalling the process even longer. But that only hardened Clifford's resolve. "She can delay. She can run, but she can't hide," he said late last month.

The Supreme's finally denied Davis' motion and Clifford reports that he started collecting signatures in earnest over the weekend. The task is great. Clifford, who is not hiring signature gatherers, has six months to collect 150,000. He says he's going to hit a number of events this week including Drinking Liberally tomorrow night at the Montlake Ale House.

Davis, who was first elected to the commission in 1985, has said she won't run for another term. She's up for reelection next year. For Clifford, however, it's the principle that matters. "The bottom line is this," he says. "Every signature we get is evidence she should've gotten out a long time ago."

Look for updates on his efforts here.

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