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ParkingSign.jpgLet me start by saying that the P-I's Kery Murakami is one of the best reporters in town. His stories always stand out as just a little more creative than the typical daily fare, and, well, more like what you would see in an alt-weekly. Today's story on formerly pricey Capitol Hill condos being put up for auction is no exception.

Or at least I thought so, until I got to the end and was informed that this is actually the first in an exciting new series of pieces documenting the unique cosmopolitan texture of this crazy city we call Emerald. Apparently Mike Lewis's Under the Needle has proved inadequate to contain all the P-I stories that "try to say a little about Seattle today." Now Murakami will be chiming in under the heading: No Parking Anytime. I'm not kidding. Here's the explanation for us, the faithful P-I readers:


Living in the city has its great moments, the overheard conversations that stick in your mind, and the memorable scenes on the street. And it has its hassles -- such as looking for a place to park and seeing signs that say "No Parking Anytime." This is a periodic look at the times that describe life in Seattle. Let us know when you come across one of those moments. E-mail


OK, just so I understand: If I'm, like, driving around looking for parking, and then I see a space and I think "Oh, I'll park there" and then, when I pull up, it's got this sign that's like, "No Parking Anytime" and I can't actually park there, I should shoot Kery a note about it? Or if I show up at my bagel place and they're, like, completely out of cinnamon raisin bagels, which is what I usually like to get, and so I have to get poppy seed instead, I should alert Kery to this quintessential Seattle moment? And then he'll write a 1,500-word story about it? Ok, Kery. You will definitely be hearing from me.

P.S. Wouldn't a better, more quintessentially Seattle idea be No Parking East of Here? You know, how when you pull up somewhere on the curved southwest end of Green Lake and you have to somehow figure out which way is east?

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