Steering Problems: Ferries Headed In the Wrong Direction?

For a minute there, I thought I might be getting a ride home on one of these tugs.

The emails started pouring in early this morning from co-workers between West Seattle and Capitol Hill: snow's keeping me at home. That damn snow can really sideline buses, but it's got nothin' on the ferry, right? Which is exactly why I was sure that even though I live the furthest away from the office (Bremerton), my journey in would be the least treacherous. Not so fast.

15 minutes into the Kaleetan's 11:30 a.m. sailing (I promise I was working from home earlier), the captain made an announcement over the P.A. that was nearly as decipherable as the proctor of Charlie Brown's spelling bee. A couple minutes later, a different, far grumpier WSF employee came on to say in that condescending "I Can't believe you idiots couldn't understand that last message" tone, "We've got steering problems. We're heading back to Bremerton."

Let me pause for a second and mention that WSF has outsourced their customer service to Ciscoe Morris and Steve Pool, who read the "Attention, don't leave your f*%&ing backpacks unattended" speech at the onset of every voyage. The only time the captain/crew address passengers is when someone forgets to disable the car alarm on their BMW.

OK, but, yeah, we started heading back to Bremerton, I called my wife to tell her I might be home early, and went back to ... working. Before I knew it, we were in Seattle. Yeah, I was surprised. So, I asked a crew member what was up. Turns out they did start heading back to Bremerton, but the steering situation was resolved along the way, so they headed back to Seattle. I didn't much notice because changing direction because it was hard to see through the snowy windows. Service hasn't been interrupted since.

Makes you feel real secure, doesn't it?

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