Sea Times Discovers the Armpit of Kitsap County

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Now that Gorst -- the unincorporated Kitsap cove that reliably makes Bremerton look good -- has been touted as a bargain by The Seattle Times, it can only be a matter of days until the Pit becomes the latest real estate hotspot.

Sandwiched between Bremerton's shit plant and Gold Mountain Golf Complex -- a hell of a course that hosted the 2006 Publinx, and serves a mean bacon and eggs -- has far more to offer than cheap real estate and auto dealerships.

To name just a few neighborhood highlights:

It'll Do Furniture, a must-see for bargain hunters looking to furnish their charming new bungalow in tune with the neighborhood style.

Toys Topless: It's the only official strip club in Kitsap County, it's on the water, and it's painted green. And you thought Rick's was sketch.

Jimmy D's: No irony here, just incredible pancakes served with a side of pull tabs. 24-hour dining at its finest.

Mos Generator: I was introduced to Jimmy D's by Tony Reed and Shawn Johnson of this monstrous local metal band. At the time, Tony Reed lived just up the street, and ordered oatmeal. Shawn drank Heineken. Their music is outstanding.

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