School District's Letter to Parents Already Outdated

Hawthorne Elementary, one of the schools on the latest closure list.

Yesterday, like many parents of Seattle Public School children, I received a mailing from the district outlying proposed school closures and relocations -- the ones, that is, that were recommended two weeks ago. Since then, Superintendent Maria Goodloe-Johnson has significantly changed her slew of recommendations not once but twice, the second time last night as I and many parents were reading her already outdated letter. Goodloe-Johnson's flexibility may well be a sign that she is listening, as some board members have said, but it sure is confusing for parents. Rainier Beach High is safe, then it's closing, then it's not. Part of the APP program is moving to Hawthorne. No wait, all of Hawthorne's students might be dispersed elsewhere. Who knows what to spend energy debating? Here's the latest and undoubtedly not the last recommendations.

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