New Gang Charges


The gang days of Terrell Milam - suspected of assaulting former Seahawks player Ken Hamlin - ended when he was shot nine times in the back seat of a car here three years ago. But if it was a gangster life without value, the cost of his death just went up.

King County prosecutors last week amended murder charges from second degree to now first degree against one of Milam's accused killers, Omar Norman, 24, a member of the Low Profile (LPs) street gang.

Prosecutors say Milam, 31, a Black Gangster Disciple, was killed riding in a car with two LPs, to whom he bragged about wounding another gangster

days earlier. Milam was unaware the driver was a brother of the

man Milam wounded. The driver - not yet charged but who is in prison for another crime - allegedly fired eight shots into or at Milam; Norman allegedly fired the last shot into Milam's brain to "top [finish] him off," he reportedly told two witnesses.

Police and prosecutors had charged Norman with murder 2 in a plea offer. But with no agreement 14 months after his arrest, they amended the charge last Tuesday. He also faces assault and weapons counts.

Milam's body was found around 6 a.m. on October 16, 2005, dumped on

a street near Seward Park. Police initially suspected he was killed in retaliation for brawling hours earlier with Seahawks safety Hamlin outside a nightclub, fracturing Hamlin's

skull and ending his season, but the Norman case shows another motive for his death, they say.

Hamlin's career seemingly at end, the defensive back fully recovered,

returned to the Hawks, and went to 

Dallas as a free agent in 2007. He played yesterday in the Cowboys' big win over the Giants.

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