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Let the War On Christmas Begin! Again...

Now that the Christmas season is upon us it is time to begin the oldest of Holiday traditions. No it's not shopping at the malls for gifts to give to loved ones. It's not putting up Christmas lights on the house. Or at least plugging them in since who takes their lights down? It's not singing carols, baking cookies or standing under mistletoe. Nor is it about spending time with family and friends.




Celebrating Jesus' Birthday (Observed) in America today means girding yourself and preparing to do battle in the War on Christmas.


Because there's nothing that warms the heart more than watching the Brownshirts in the ACLU and politically correct politicians square off against Bill O'Reilly and the Legion of Doom.


So pick a side. Hire a lawyer. And get very, very offended that other people have different beliefs than you.

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