Afternoon Edition: Pork-studded Lard Bread

Today's shows, courtesy of Brickner.

New Year's Eve shows, courtesy of Feldman.

Free downloads from the Branyans, "an absolutely adorable local pop band that makes charming little songs

with a 1968 Brazilian ukulele...and

some steel guitar, too."

This week's installment of Ask the Bartender deals with cokeheads.

Kauffman sings the praises of pork-studded lard bread.

All-day wine-tasting in Burien

Tony Wroten vs. Seattle Schools: The Saga Continues

Former Sonics coach Bob Weiss and Former Blazers bad boy Bonzi Wells are united on a Chinese basketball team.

All your hearts are belong to us: Onstot, other devout fans talk Battlestar Galactica, Season 4

Krist Novoselic plays old Nirvana hits on Rock Band 2.

P-I takes on honey.

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