Afternoon Edition: Cracking Nuts

Brickner shares video of the pure incarnation of awesome and lets you know what shows to attend.

Kornelis celebrates the return of Brightblack Morning Light (which, incidentally, is what Seattle wakes up to in December, when we seemingly average roughly four hours of daylight.)

Cocktail names: The good and the bad/ugly.

Kauffman continues his quest for Seattle's best noodles.

Hobart does The Nutcracker and Robin Williams, who ejaculates water.

Onstot reviews the greatest TV drama series ever.

Ladies and gentleman, your 2008 George Bailey award winner.

Seattle schools give the boot to hoop prodigy Tony Wroten, Jr.

New Husky football coach The Sark is in the money.

Ron Sims finds himself in a tough poll position.

Welcome back, fake Barack.

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