Whatever You Think of Their Views, Gun Lovers Have a Way With Words


Last Friday, Mayor Greg Nickels announced he would hold a hearing on the proposed city property gun ban Dec. 15. Later that evening, the Bellevue-based Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms kicked out a predictable press release, saying the group will happily attend and let Nickels know just what they think about his attempt to quash their Second Amendment rights.

Press releases always include quotes far more eloquent or clever than any person would actually say in a live interview, but this one had a few especially choice quotes from CCRKBA Chair Alan Gottlieb, including:

"If Nickels pushes ahead with this scheme there will be

two kinds of criminals in Seattle. Thugs and those who win elections."


"We will encourage gun owners to attend the scheduled Dec. 15 public

hearing and remind Mr. Nickels that he was elected mayor of Seattle,

not its monarch."

He also calls the proposed ban a "imperial edict." Cue Darth Vader theme: bum bum bum, bum ba bum, bum ba bum.

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