The Question For Obama Supporters


On the eve of the most important Presidential election in recent history – the most important vote since 2004 at any rate – the one thing that sticks in the craw is that America seems to be on the verge of putting a mediocre politician of no great accomplishment into the White House.

It is probably too late to rehash the issue of experience (when it was brought up by McCain in August he took a lead in the polls) but can someone point out just one legislative accomplishment that Barack Obama has done either in the U.S. Senate or the Illinois State Legislature?

We’re not talking about a speech Obama gave or the fact that he – and a pair of ghostwriters – authored two books.

Off the top of your head, name one actual accomplishment, or a bill Obama has passed. Or even fought to pass?

Every time this hicktown reporter asks that question, the Obama supporter queried inevitably gives a puzzled look before replying, “You know, I can’t think of anything right now.”

With nearly all of the characters that have performed on the national stage for the past three years, one can point to at least a single signature issue you can tag them with, whether you like the candidate's politics or not.

Like or lump John McCain, and there are both Democrats and Republicans who’ll opt for Choice B, when you say his name you can reel off any number of pieces of legislation he’s authored from campaign finance reform to the latest immigration bill.

We've only become fully aware of Sarah Palin for about two months. In that time, with the intensity of media coverage on her family, her background and her service as mayor of a small town and Governor of Alaska the nation probably has a greater understanding of the America’s most famous Hockey Mom than any VP candidate in history. Cutting federal earmarks, helping push through a natural gas pipeline or opposing the so-called “Bridge to Nowhere” after supporting it.

Here’s the deal. If the Democratic Party had selected Hillary Clinton instead of “That One”, most Republicans would naturally disagree with her politics (Hillary Care/Universal Health Care) but there would be an assurance that the old gal would know where the office supplies, secret FBI files and nuclear weapon codes are kept in the Oval Office.

Name something Obama has done? Not a speech he's given. Not some vague recollection of being a community organizer i.e. a lawyer for ACORN in Chicago's corrupt political machine.

After nearly three years, that question has not been answered. If you can't answer the question, it might be a good time to rethink your voting habits.

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