Steve Beren On Election Night

If there is a movie on your Netflix account to describe Republican congressional candidate Steve Beren, it would probably be Rudy.

Running against Congressman-for-Life Jim McDermott, there is little chance Beren's quixotic campaign ever had of unseating the incumbent.

For Beren, his race wasn't about winning or losing. It was about creating an atmosphere in Seattle's Seventh Congressional District which is encouraging enough to get some of the Emerald City's closet conservatives out to the polls.

"We're sewing the seeds for the future," Beren said with his trademark enthusiasm. "Goldwater did it in 1964."

Beren said for the past ten elections, McDermott's challengers have averaged 16.5 percent of the vote. So victory, in a sense, is getting anything over that number.

"We'll do better than that [16.5 percent]" Beren predicted. "And the extra Republicans who vote for me in Seattle will vote for Rossi and McKenna and Sutherland."

During his interview with the Seattle Weekly, former Senator Slade Gorton strolled up to earnestly thank Beren for carrying the GOP banner in a decidely unfriendly district.

That is pretty much describes the affection many of the Republican political types feel. Beren is the rah-rah cheerleader, the motivational speaker who goes out and does the job none of them want to do.

When Beren loses this evening he might not be carried off the field. But at least he'll have achieved his goals going into the race.

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