Seattle Sinner Expanding to St. Louis

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In a move that mirrors Denver-based Modern Drunkard magazine's appropriately haphazard national growth strategy (Philly, anyone? Okay, cool), the Seattle Sinner will soon be expanding to St. Louis, where it will also have an "office" (i.e., a staffer's living space). Here, the gothy, irreverent alterna-alternative will enter an outside-the-mainstream media landscape dominated by the formidable Riverfront Times, my professional alma mater and SW's sister paper.

"Yes, we are expanding to St. Louis," says Sinner publisher Chuck Foster. "Our office will be there, which like this one, will be out of our humble abode. We have someone taking over the helm here in Seattle: Darren Rose, our newest sales manager. Our future plans will be to make Seattle our main office, if all goes as planned. We've been [to St. Louis] a few times, most recently when we went searching the midwest for a new city. I really enjoyed St. Louis, and I certainly believe they need a little independent media. Well, we're betting the farm and a fifth of Fighting Cock on it."

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