Rob McKenna on Election Night (Update 1)

Update 4:30 pm: Rob McKenna has stopped by the Evergreen Room, clad in blue jeans, sweater and ball cap. He's got a roll of masking tape and is hanging up banners and putting together campaign signs. It also (as a complete coincidence) gives easy access to all the reporters here who are eager to get some words in with Rob while he has his shirt-sleeves up, working with his hands.

Asked about how he felt tonight, Rob stopped just short of declaring victory.

"Our prospects are very bright tonight," McKenna said. "Polling has been strong and our lead is widening."

In a state as Blue as Washington, one of the surprises for political experts has been how strong nearly every statewide GOP candidate has been running in the polls.

"I'm not surprised. This state is full of voters who look at a candidate and not the party label. Republicans have success when we have strong candidates."

With all of the oxygen taken out of the room by the Presidential election and Governor race, McKenna indicated that he had an advantage, being an incumbent, in getting his message out over his opponent.

As for whether this has been a fair race between him, and the former Pierce County Prosecutor and current Executive, McKenna was slightly annoyed at Ladenburg.

"John has come out swinging since he announced with negative ads and criticisms. I respect John and he has done the best he could in this race. But he couldn't come up with any issues to define himself other than running on a ten-year old resume as a prosecutor.

Incumbent Attorney General Rob McKenna has gotta be feeling pretty good about his chances at re-election this evening. Chatting briefly with a McKenna staffer over the phone this afternoon, the campaign feels very, very confident about defeating Pierce County Executive John Ladenburg, citing latest polling showing McKenna up by double-digits.

According to SurveyUSA, McKenna has a 57-36 lead over the challenger.

McKenna supporters will be putting on their celebratory sombreros this evening, getting their drink on at Las Margaritas in Bellevue off 108th between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. before heading over to the Hyatt.

Updates to follow including whether Rob ate the worm...

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