Politicians Like the Market and Mass Transit


City Councilwoman Sally Clark, with partner Liz Ford and dining companion Joe Martin. Clark voted for parks, too but wasn't sure she should say so. Larry Phillips was spotted later brushing past the bar.

Location: Kells, Pike Place Market

Time: 8 p.m.

Crowd: A lot of pin-stripes and politico glasses transit people along with hippies supporting the market. Also a high concentration of Seattle movers and shakers.

Party: Pro Mass Transit and the Pike Market Levy, but more than anything very pro Obama

Mood: Orgasmic. I was there when CNN called it for Obama. Not long after, the early returns showed both propositions in the lead. I had no idea approving a measure to improve the market could lead to screams of ecstasy and tears of joy.

Outstanding Quote: McCain said in his that he was "so grateful" for Sarah Palin. "So are we!" the crowd shouted back to the small televisions over the bar.

Also in attendance was Alex Fryer, spokesperson for Mass Transit. "We appreciate Mark Fefer's non-endorsement," he says. "We appreciate him being notably ambivalent."


Cheers to you, Mark, from Alex Fryer.

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