Nazi Case Continues


A Seattle federal judge today declined to throw out the deportation case against accused Bellevue war criminal Peter Egner. A WWII Nazi guard at a Yugoslavia concentration camp, Egner, 86 and in failing health, denies the war-crimes charge, claiming the U.S. has sensationalized charges against him with "horrifying historical facts" and has no evidence other than his own "innocent" confessions.

But, US District Court Judge James Robert ruled today, the facts may be horrifying, but the court "does not agree that the complaint fails to connect these historical facts to Mr. Egner. The complaint alleges that Mr. Egner admitted to being a member of the SPSS [secret police], admitted to assisting in interrogations of prisoners, and admitted to guarding prisoners as part of his service to the SPSS.

"The complaint also describes conduct the government alleges to have been committed by the SPSS in the location and at the time that Mr. Egner served with the SPSS. The court finds these facts material and pertinent to the government’s claims against Mr. Egner and therefore denies his motion to strike them from the complaint."

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