Is Sarah Palin Finished?


That's the question that was on the tip of many a tongue last night. Sure, Sarahccuda became an overnight celebrity...for all the wrong reasons. And while it's evident now that McCain was going to lose even if Zeus had been his running mate, she certainly did the ticket more harm than good, despite an initial bounce, and her approval rating took a hit in Alaska. Frankly, the only path to a credible political future for Palin is if Uncle Ted holds onto his seat in a squeaker race that'll likely be decided by recount. That way, the Senate is likely to give convicted felon Stevens the boot, clearing the way for Palin to appoint herself to replace him, a scenario that would doubtless see her jumping aboard every available foreign junket, so as to burnish her international credibility. (By the way, McCain's concession speech was the portrait of class. Too bad he showed none of that class during the general election campaign.)

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