Don't Feel Too Badly for Rossi


After all, according to his own sworn testimony, he was "about 75 percent sure" that he didn't want to run for governor, as recently as July of '07. (He repeated that claim in his deposition last week over a dozen times.) I'm guessing Chris Gregoire probably wanted it a little more than 25 percent, and, well, as Tina Fey told Amy Poehler in the Palin-Clinton sketch, you gotta want it.

Rossi's loss definitely shouldn't stop attorneys from trying to hold his ass accountable for perjury. As Horses Ass has rightly pointed out, Rossi's statement that he didn't talk about the governor's race, and funding thereof, in conversations with the board members of a BIAW chapter in the summer of '07, flies in the face of what the board members themselves testified--and what all other evidence suggests. Losing should not get Rossi, or the BIAW, off the hook for any of this.

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