Defeat AND Prison?


Senator Begich?

If you've watched any of Sen. Ted Stevens' performances over the years, you likely wondered how voters and the FBI let him get away with this or that or this or that. Now it appears neither have.

"I think it's all over," Anchorage pollster Ivan Moore said to the Daily News, reading the tea leaves after Republican Stevens' Demo opponent Mark Begich took an 814-vote lead yesterday in their Senate race.

Begich, who was losing after election night, now leads the Senate's only convicted felon 132,196 to 131,382. Around 40,000 more ballots will be counted over the next week but the trend is in Begich's favor, says Moore. Begich isn't claiming victory, but he's beginning a round of national media interviews as the presumed winner, starting with Rachel Maddow on MSNBC tonight.

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