Death, Parks, Democrats

All big winners tonight! Some scenes from the parties...


Location: Rock Bottom Brewing Co. (seriously)

Time: 7:30

Crowd: Respectable

Party: Subdued

Mood: Optimistic

Outstanding Quote: "This it? Who are these people? I don't recognize them."

As Neil Diamond classics played in the background, I-1000 supporters ate meatballs and bruschetta and anxiously waited the arrival of former Governor Booth Gardner to give the victory address. Washington becomes the second state to allow physician assisted suicide. Here we go again, copying Oregon.


Location: South Lake Union Discovery Center

Time: 8:02

Crowd: Outdoorsy

Party: Distracted by news of Obama victory

Bonus: Kegs of Manny's and Roger's from Georgetown Brewing

Quotable: "Our long national nightmare is over."

Big council-supported plan and not a single city council member there, but a terrific space for a party.


Location: Westin, Democrat Central

Time: 8:48

Crowd: Giant

Party: Rockin'

Mood: Euphoric

Overheard: "I thought there was going to be more drama."

Spotted: Rep. Jay Inslee and city council member Nick Licata

Says Licata: "I'm glad the win was by such a large margin. He has a mandate."


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