Chuck Taylor Leaving Crosscut

Former Weekly managing editor Chuck Taylor, who has served as editor-in-chief at Crosscut since the online news source's inception a year-and-a-half ago, is leaving the company, which will be transitioning to non-profit status. Weekly and Crosscut founder David Brewster will fill the shoes of Taylor, who leaves the door cracked for a return in his farewell note to colleagues and contributors, the bulk of which appears below:

"I want to let you know that I am stepping away from as the company transitions from for-profit to non-profit status. This is an exciting change that we think will make for a stronger platform for both professional and amateur local journalism. But it's a legally complicated one that briefly interrupts cash flow, so I'm going to bow out, at least for a while. Publisher David Brewster will fill the editor-in-chief's role until further notice... I'm not sure what is next for me, but it's very possible, perhaps even likely, that I will return to Crosscut after the company switches to non-profit status. That said, I'm exploring the proverbial 'other opportunities,' too. And I'm going to take it easy for a time. Crosscut has been a real adventure, starting before we launched in April 2007. I'm grateful to David for giving me the chance to be involved. I've learned a lot and have made a lot of new friends, and I hope we can keep in touch."

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