But We're The Washington State Republican Party, Damn It! (Update 1)


GOP candidates might be competitive in all of their statewide races this November. But the Washington State Republican Party can't catch a break when it comes to their election party in Bellevue this evening.

Tonight's festivities are being held at the Bellevue Hyatt in the cramped and poorly appointed "Evergreen Room". The space is about 50 by 100 feet. And four hours before the party starts, there is barely room for even the working press, let alone party-goers.

Normally, the WSRP holds its election party at the Hyatt's Winter Garden Grand Ballroom. However, this year a medical conference pre-booked the larger accommodations. Adding injury to insult is that Eighth CD Democratic candidate Darcy Burner booked the grand ballroom at the nearby Bellevue Westin.

The irony is that both the Hyatt and the Westin are cornerstone holdings of Republican activist Kemper Freeman Jr.

Things aren't pretty when a Republican can't even get a room at the inn in Freeman-ville.

Update: The fun will be when the knife fights erupt between the working press fighting over room for cameras and equipment. There aren't nearly enough electrical outlets for people to plug their gear into. At the moment, there are only two plug-ins left and only one television station has shown up so far.

Best overheard quote of the day. So far...

"You should see the hippie, granola-head PA guys setting up over at the Westin".

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