RossiandBone.jpg Republican Dino Rossi has been under the radar screen since losing his bid for election Nov. 4. After being in the middle of the


A Note From Dino Rossi


RossiandBone.jpgRepublican Dino Rossi has been under the radar screen since losing his bid for election Nov. 4. After being in the middle of the maelstrom of statewide politics for nearly a year, there has been a nary word from the Sammamish businessman for nearly three weeks after conceding to Gov. Christine Gregoire.

Last night, the Rossi campaign sent out a mass e-mail to campaign supporters thanking them for their help and giving an update about state politics.

In short, Rossi says "See I told you so" in regards to the state budget deficit. During the campaign he warned that it was projected to pencil out to $3.2 billion. Now the shortfall is at $5 billion.

I guess now is the time to maybe start about raising taxes.

He has no plans to be a candidate in the future (The Weekly is checking to see whether that is 75 percent certain or the full monty) and there are still a couple boxes of his autobiography for sale.

The entirety of Rossi's message is below...

Dear friends,

I wanted to thank you again for your help and support during the Governor's race. While we did not receive a majority of votes, we accomplished many things, the most exciting of which was inspiring thousands of people to involve themselves in politics for the first time. My hope is that everyone reading this will stay involved for the betterment of our state and nation.

Here are two quick items I want to bring to your attention:

The state budget deficit is over 5 billion dollars now: During the campaign we talked about $3.2 billion deficit because that was all we could get the other side to admit to. We all knew it was going to be higher. Even though there's 5% more money to spend in the next budget than the current budget, I would still recommend you hold on to your wallets because I think this will be an expensive ride for the taxpayers. With courage and good judgment this budget can be balanced without raising taxes and still protect essential state government services.

Special offer from my book distributor: My book distributor tells me they have a few cases left of of my book (Dino Rossi: Lessons in Leadership), some of which are autographed.

Exploring the key lessons of my life was important for me, which is why I decided to share them through this book. I have heard from many people that they found enjoyment and inspiration in reading it.

If you would like a copy for yourself or to send to a friend, my distributor is offering a special price of $17.76 signed and $9.95 unsigned (postpaid including tax).

Click here to order a SIGNED copy of my book for $17.76 postpaid including sales tax.

Click here to order a regular copy of my book for $9.95 postpaid including sales tax.

On a personal note: It's great to be home with Terry and the kids, and as you read this we will be on a long overdue vacation. My first love in the business world was always the commercial real estate business, and in particular buying income properties. It looks like part of my business future will be creating partnerships to buy income properties in promising markets.

In addition to family and business, I will continue to be involved in our community through serving on the boards of the Special Olympics, Mountains to Sound Greenway, and the Dean's Advisory Board for the School of Business at Seattle University.

Though I have no plans to be a candidate in the future, I will actively support good candidates for public office. I hope you will do the same, because being involved is how we can all make a difference.


Dino Rossi

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