A Few More Shots from the Westin Party


You'd have thought he was actually in the room with all the screaming, crying and general freaking out.

Aimee caught up with a couple city council members at the state Dem's fete at the Westin. The mayor was also in attendance but slipped out at 8:45, before Obama took the stage in Chicago.


Also bumped into Rick Steves and his wife Anne. Anne, a good head, shoulders and chest shorter than her husband, says having a really tall spouse is helpful. In large crowds like the one at the Westin, he can tell her what's going on. She's also a great sport about taking photos of her famous pot-advocate, traveling husband and his many fans. "Obama, Obama, Obama!" the couple kept shouting. I think Anne Steves was a tad jealous of her son, currently at Notre Dame, who was headed for Grant Park in Chicago.


Rick and Anne Steves

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