The Nice Thing About Being Down a Ferry ...


Photo taken this morning with my MacBook.

... is that you get to enjoy the scenery. Damn, this was a beautiful morning, and I really enjoyed the trip from Bremerton until I almost lost my cookies (my fault, reading) halfway through the run. The Bremerton run lost the 144-car/2500-passenger Hyak ferry to the Kingston/Edmonds run, and was given a 149-passenger boat on loan from Victoria Clipper in its stead.

Ironically, the Seattle Times reported last month that WSF, still determined to sell their own passenger-only ferries, had received a bid fom the Bay-area's Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District. But, even if WSF gets out of the passenger-only ferry business -- as they've been directed by the legislature and insist they won't resist, despite massive setbacks and boat retirements -- they'll still be reaching for passenger-only boats in the event of an emergency. Just not their own.

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