Stevens Guilty! Palin to be Senator in DC?


The New York Times reports here that Sen. Ted Stevens of Alaska has been found guilty of ethics violations. That means in short order that A) the U.S. Senate could vote to expel him, B) he could appeal and die in office, or C) he could resign. Scenarios A) and C) could then open the door for Alaska Governor and Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin, now projected to lose to the Obama-Biden ticket, to appoint herself senator!

Think of it: a second job for Tina Fey for the next six to 18 years or more (senators basically sit for life, unless convicted of misdoings); the GOP could rally around its new populist star and her adorable clan, newly settled on the Potomac; and she'd be on Meet the Press and other talk shows all the time! She'd become the most famous, popular, and feisty Republican in the country, a right-wing talk show queen and the automatic front-runner to lead her party in 2016 against the Dems.

Her likely loss next Tuesday, plus Uncle Ted's loss in court, could actually make her the big winner. Go wrap your head around that.

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