Sarah Palin's Twins


Sarah and the Pit Bulls Anchorage Daily News

It's unclear who is to blame - either governor and veep candidate Sarah Palin, or dead-on impersonator Tina Fey - for the latest rage up in Anchorage. It's the inevitable Sarah Palin Look-Alike Contest. The Anchorage Daily News reports that a band called Sarah and the Pit Bulls with a Sarah-like lead singer were among the look-alikes performing in the latest installment of the on-going contest at Anchorage's Blues Central.

Todd Palin impersonators are also welcome, but only a few have shown up for the weekly like-off that ends Oct. 29. The Daily News has also launched its own reader-posted look-alike picture page on its Web site. Some entrants bear a resemblance to the serial winker. But they're no Tina Feys.

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