Police Takedown in Greenwood (Thanks a Bunch, Moustache Man)

Waiting for the bus at the corner of Greenwood and 85th yesterday afternoon, I notice a large woman leaving the Washington Mutual across the street (or whatever they're trying to get us to call that bank now). A minute later, there's a cop car in front of her, and an officer shouting at her to get down. His gun is drawn. This video I shot shows the arrest itself as more squad cars come screaming into the picture.

Then the bus arrives and we all board, still rubbernecking like crazy to see what's going to happen next. A passenger is brandishing his cell phone. "This is the age we live in," he says. I don't know what he's on about, but realize later he was insinuating that he's the one who called the police. Which seems implausible since he was standing at the bus stop the whole time.

"This is a quiet neighborhood," he says, his moustache jerking spastically. "If you want to act like that, move to Auburn, move to Everett, move to Port Angeles."

"Well, it's not everyday you see something like that," I say, not particularly wanting to get in a conversation with this guy.

"I have the facts, you don't," he snaps, "I saw the whole thing."

"Really?" I say, perking up now, "What happened?"

"Watch the news," he chants at me, "read the paper, get a computer, grow up."

Right. Thanks a bunch, moustache man. I still don't know what the woman did, or is accused of doing. This hasn't tunred up in any news accounts I've seen since then. I'll get back to you if I find out.

UPDATE: I don't suppose anyone except maybe my mom is actually checking for an update on this, but a teller told me this was indeed a bank robber. Still nothing in the news though. I guess with the world ending and all this doesn't really rate.

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