It is a cruel twist of fate that Darcy Burner is in the process of having her second run for Congressman Dave Reichert's WA-08 house


Reichert vs. Burner: Two Degrees of Seperation

It is a cruel twist of fate that Darcy Burner is in the process of having her second run for Congressman Dave Reichert's WA-08 house seat undone by a couple bush league mistakes on the Internet.

Consider that the Carnation Democrat is a celebrity amongst the ever so online savvy Netroots community. The Great Bard himself couldn't pen an ending for a knavish villain that comes anywhere near table turning of the past few days.

Enter Burner.

“I took not only that one course in economics, I loved economics so much, I got a degree in it from Harvard.”

Exit Burner stage left.

The Seattle Times broke the story, tipped off rather, that Burner lied during a televised debate, and on her campaign website, about receiving an economic degree from Harvard.

Since Tuesday, the challenger's handlers and her Netroots minions from DailyKos down to local gutter snipes have howled and made ruckus and have done everything they could to explain how taking five supplemental courses while pursuing a computer degree translates to also having an economics degree.

(To all of my fellow students who attended "rocks for jocks" at the University of Washington, apparently we now hold degrees in Geology)

No matter how many ways one parses the language it does appear Darcy has committed the cardinal political sin of being caught in a lie on tape.

As the eminent philosopher Bill Paxton once said, "That's it man, game over man, game over".

And for all of those grassroots supporters of Burner, donating money to her campaign, living out of district who maybe haven't been keeping up on current events, the Reichert campaign has come out with a new television ad buy.

Extra: As sort of a tit-for-tat parry to deflect attention from their candidate's difficulties, Burner's campaign responded within a few hours that Reichert had inflated his resume by stating he had a B.A. and not an A.A. degree from Concordia Lutheran College in Oregon. A press release cited five websites with the error including a biography page of sitting members of Congress.

However, upon further review, all five of the organizations had committed typos. The original source of the error is likely a 2004 Washington Post article or a misspelling by Congressional Quarterly.

Amanda Halligan, a spokesperson for Reichert, told the Seattle Weekly the campaign was unaware of the typos until yesterday.

“It appears that there was a typo. It was on a Congressional directory. We were made aware of the error and it’s fixed,” Halligan confirmed.

Asked about Burner’s allegation that Reichert had intentionally padded his resume, Halligan was blunt and dismissive.

“They’re lying. Dave has never run on his AA degree at Concordia College.”

A 2002 article in the Seattle Times backs this claim up.

"He is, by his own admission, no academic. He graduated from Kent-Meridian High School in 1968 with average grades, and attended Concordia Lutheran College in Portland, earning an associate-of-arts degree and playing quarterback on the football team. He met his future wife, Julie."

The 2008 Washington State Voters’ Pamphlet tells the story on pages 60 and 61.

Dave Reichert Biographical Information

Education: AA Concordia Lutheran College

Darcy Burner Biographical Information

Education: Darcy attended public schools and worked in numerous jobs to put herself through college at Harvard, earning a degree in computer science and economics.

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