NYT Hearts Our Politics, Meth Addicts


Our favorite blue-bagged national gazette has been reporting all kinds of stories this past week from the Northwest. First, The New York Times here tells us what former conservative radio host Todd Herman has been up to since we last reported on him during those glorious dot-com years. His new venture, SpinSpotter, purports to filter the media filter for bias--from both the left and right, it claims--by employing some kind of fancy mathematical algorithm devised by his partner, John Atcheson (apparently the company's token liberal). Oh, Todd, didn't anyone ever tell you that all technology, indeed all science, is inherently liberal? We can't wait for the IPO. And good luck finding more start-up funding in our current capital markets.

Finally, here's not only a big story but a slide show on the King County Drug Diversion Court and judge J. Wesley Saint Clair, who's the kind of cool jurist who sits on a yoga ball. No matter what our Damon Agnos just wrote in his excellent exposé of our system for electing judges, here's an example of innovation from the bench. Instead of spending millions locking up everyone who's ever touched a crack pipe, Erik Ekholm reports how it may be more cost-effective, and more just, to put offenders in a closely monitored program.

We're guessing Herman's Web site would detect liberal bias in the story.

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