New Medical Pot Rules: 24 Ounces Smokable, 15 Plants


Lennon Garon, the son of Tim Garon who rather famously and sadly died of Hepatitis C after being denied a liver transplant, is facing a felony charge in Snohomish County for growing his father's pot. (Read this week's story here.)

Under Washington law, someone like Garon has been allowed to grow pot, but only a 60 day supply. The law never defined how much marijuana that would be--until Wednesday. The Department of Health finalized their rules after a series of public hearings, according to a press release. Patients and agents providing them with medical marijuana will be allowed to possess 24 ounces of usable pot and 15 plants in any stage of maturity.

The rule falls well below the amount of pot found in Lennon Garon's Mill Creek home--69 plants in various stages of growth and 2.72 pounds of processed marijuana. Medical marijuana advocate and attorney Douglass Hiatt says he plans to fight the rule.

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