McDermott and Dicks: Big $$, But Breezin'

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Rep. Jim McDermott, like his fellow Western Washington lefties in Congress, isn't much worried about being re-elected next month. He's enroute to his 11th term, second in tenure among local congressional pols only to Nonstormin' Norman Dicks, who is coasting up to his 17th election.

Nonetheless, McDermott is down to his final $85,000 in campaign funds, through September 30th, according to the latest figures from money watchdog OpenSecrets.Org. For comparison, another coaster, Rep. Jay Inslee has raised $668,000 but still has $1 million in the bank, including funds left over from previous campaigns.

McDermott has spent $880,000 from his treasury in this leisurely 2007-2008 election cycle - and much of it may have gone to Republicans. That's because, of course, to stay out of debtors prison he gave a court-ordered $628,000 to Republican House Minority Leader John Boehner to settle their long-running legal dispute over that taped telephone call that McDermott disclosed.

Altogether, McDermott paid more than $1 million to Boehner, who promised to pass most of it along to his fellow Republicans. It was a costly outcome since Boehner had once offered to settle for $10,000, and McDermott obstinately balked.

Even though he's breezing back to D.C., Norm Dicks, too, has spent a lot this cycle - $949,000 out of $1.2 million raised. Sort of offsetting McDermott's GOP donations, Dicks has, typically, given away his campaign money to other Demo causes. So far this election he gave $300,000 to the Dems' congressional campaign committee, and $80,000 to state Democratic groups. He paid his campaign consultant TR Strategies $130,000.

Even at that, Dicks has almost $500,000 in the bank. A big earmarker of pork and member of the cash-doling appropriations committee, Dicks this cycle has watched the money roll in from special interests: His top individual/corporate contributor is insurer PMA Group ($28,000). Industry-wise, lobbyists have given him $108,516, lawyers and law firms donated $79,485, and casino and gambling interests have anted up $56,600.

Brian Baird spent $463,000 but still has $969,000 on hand. Rick Larsen has raised $1.2 million and spent $941,000. Adam Smith raised $560,000 and spent about the same, but still has $428,000 left.

Token Left State Republican Dave Reichert raised $2.3 million, spent $1 million, and has $1.2 millon banked. Still, he's been outdrawn by Demo challenger Darcy Burner, who has raised $3 million.

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