Is the Doc in Trouble?


Doc Hastings is the Jim McDermott of Central Washington. The Republican Congressman took office in 1994 and has comfortably held that seat ever since. So I raised an eyebrow when state Democratic Party Executive Director Jaxon Ravens kicked out an e-mail saying Kennewick attorney George Fearing is within 5 points of dethroning Hastings.

The poll was done by Seattle-based Bainbridge Media Group, a campaign and pr firm with a surprisingly terrible Web site for a company pushing its branding expertise. I'm inclined to regard it the way McCain's campaign is insisting the Republican nominnee is right on Obama's heels, according to internal polling, of course.

But certainly Fearing has garnered some strong support in the far right 4th District. Maybe it's because Hastings applauded the choice of Sarahcuda for veep.

Whatever is happening, it seems this election will show a serious shift in political persuasions in this state, and indeed the country as a whole. Or it will show that we need to seriously rethink the way we do polling.

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