Server Reboot Wednesday: Hall and Oates Edition

From our Systems Administrator Paul Jensen:

hall.bmpHi! I’m Daryl Hall…

oates.bmp…and I’m John Oates

hall.bmp You might remember my voice from such big hits as “Kiss on My List,” “Private Eyes” and “Maneater…”

oates.bmp…and I’m John Oates.

hall.bmpWe’re back together today to remind you that Server Reboot Wednesday is tonight starting at 8pm! This is the night your System Administrator updates software, backs up servers, and performs other vital computer functions – much like we performed mindless ‘80s pop hits! Isn’t that right, John? John?




hall.bmpSorry ‘bout this, folks…John’s sulking again…

oates.bmpOh I’m not sulking, Nancy. I’m just letting you have your precious spotlight. I’ll just sit here quietly with my moustache, looking like one of the Mario Bros, hugging my guitar and waiting for you to finish your little speech, MISTER Hall. Of course, don’t remind anyone here that I sang some of our biggest hits. You know, like a little song called “SHE’S GONE?” Remember that one? But noooo! It’s always “Sara Smile” this and “Out of Touch” that. Mr. Big Shot, Mr. I’d-Give-You-Props-But-I’m-Too-Busy-Feathering-My-@#*!% HAIR!



hall.bmp Ahem…so remember kids, close all your programs before you leave the office tonight. Reboots start at 8pm.

John, I’d like a word with you in private…

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