Gore to the Choir:


Photo by Chris Kornelis. The audio of Vice President Gore's speech is comin' right up.

For those who haven't heard, a couple of scary climate change facts from the former vice president/Nobel laureate/Oscar winner:

*If we continue on this path of increasing CO2 emissions there will be an 11-degree increase in temperature in this century.

*The polar ice cap, which used to be about the size of the continental U.S., is now 43 percent gone and could melt entirely in five years.

Gore was at the Seattle Sheraton this afternoon stumping for our embattled incumbent governor. At one point, he said coyly, "I think I'm beginning to lose my objectivity," before proceeding to rail for 40 minutes against everything from Bush/Cheney and the Iraq War to our dependency on oil and the financial crisis. The crowd of Democratic faithful loved every minute. And the admiration is mutual, apparently. Gore says he loves coming to Washington. (He means it. Seriously.) He's climbed Mt. Rainier and fished for salmon. He even loves shopping here-- for Christmas presents.

He made a decent case for Gregoire's efforts on the environment and did a good job tying Rossi to Bush and anyone else who questions the science behind climate change. "There is a choice between two pathways to the future," he boomed. But Gore, no longer so monotone, so know-it-all, was perhaps a little too loose. The speech, though it played to the base, lacked the coherence of his more professorial appearances.

Gregoire, for her part, gave one of her better performances. But she had a rough start with a freelance bit about Halloween at the governor's mansion and how she's dressing as Dora the Explorer. She explained that her husband Mike's going as Dora's sidekick Boots, which should be interesting because Boots "wears nothing but a pair of red boots." Huh? Almost as awkward was Rep. Jay Inslee, who during his introductions, called Sen. Patty Murray "the leader of the Cougar delegation." (The WAZZU cougs that is.)

But Gregoire rallied, rattling off her environmental successes, and finishing strong. "The change Barack Obama wants to bring to America is the change we've made here in Washington," she said. "There are no recounts this time. We're going to win."

Three words: 11 more days.

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