Afternoon '10 More Days' Edition

We have a lot of great things up on our blogs today: The new M's GM (how fun is that to say?) on Buzzer Beater, Nutella crepes on Voracious, Rep. Reichert's feathered 'do on Thread Count, and awesome ways to spend your Friday night on Reverb.

But let's face it, you really aren't paying attention to the other blogs, or your children, or the mortgage you can't pay anyway, or Dancing With the Stars, because in 10 days we get to vote for a new POTUS to replace the Maison Blanc's current occupant, old whatzisname.

So today PM Edition is all politics all the time. Here we go:

1: Damon discovers door-to-door campaigning can be dangerous (and an easy way to get laid, if that's what you're into).

2. A judge breathes life into Buildergate. Watch out, Dino.

3. Our senior congressional reps are raking in cash but why campaign when you can stay home and watch Grey's Anatomy in your PJs and still get re-elected.

4. Reichert to Burner, or was it vice-versa? "No, you're a bigger liar!"

5. Gore wants you to save the environment and vote for Gregoire. Not necessarily in that order.

And finally...

6. The moment you've all been waiting for, October sex scandals!!! (Sorry, just a tease.)

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